Write Theory Exams like Pro!

Theory subjects are easy to understand for many(including me). Unlike practical or numerical subjects, theory subjects need good understanding plus better presentation in exam. Reason behind it is: theory subjects have no fixed format of answering any question. You have to prepare your own format of answers.

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Before the presentation part, you have to prepare your whole syllabus well. Prepare and study from your notes and do multiple revisions before exams.

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Trick behind good presentation is while making notes, you have to understand the way of answering the questions. You need to formulate the style of answering of every type of questions. Writing the answers of case studies of law or auditing is different from presentation of literature questions. So while preparing notes, understand the way of writing answers as well.

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During revisions also, writing practice is important, especially in theory subjects. It is not possible or can say wise act to write every line of whole chapter. But writing the questions of that chapters is possible. During revision of any chapter, practice writing the question answers of that chapter as well.

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Default style of answering:

Answer should be started with a small introduction of that topic. Like in any case study question, a slight intro of that situation or explanation of any section or law is helpful.

Now start with the actual part. If the main part is in points, then obey the rule. Otherwise write in paragraphs.

While writing in paragraphs, the introduction part and main content should be written in seperate paragraphs. The main content can be further divided in many smaller paragraphs. The decision must be yours.

Give a quick conclusion to the answer. It should not be too long. If your answer do not requires conclusion, then leave it. In the situation questions, the conclusion should be seperately disclosed with a Conclusion heading(if suitable).

Points to Remember:

  • Do not write too lenghty answers. Try to make it as quick to understand by examiner or paper checker.
  • Take care of timing of exams. Allot equal time to each question.
  • Underline each answer in exam at the end.
  • Make your answer book neat and clean. Avoid as much cuttings as possible.
  • Make small diagrams or charts in answers if possible. This creates a good impression of you in front of examiner. But do not spend too much time in it.
  • Take help of your teachers or seniors whenever required.