Are you concerned for your Facebook data?

Facebook is nowadays facing the criticism for the data misuse of users for benefitting in American Elections. With the harvesting of personal data of about 50 million americans and providing it inappropriately to political analyst Cambridge Analytica, this has become clear that Facebook is not so secure as it seems to be.

The story doesn’t ends here..

As this news was spread around world, several reactions came out in social media. Many had deactivated their accounts, many popular pages were shut down. The shares of facebook clashed. The facade of this company was shattered in few days.

Some of the clever people have made their way to put oil in fire. You had also seen some posts that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had suggested a way to check the security of account by typing bff in comment. If it becomes green, then your account is safe. Sorry to say that these types of posts are totally fake and waste. If i say that these posts are harmful for your data, then you have to agree.

There is no logic to believe such nuisance. If it was true then it should be an official announcement from Facebook’s CEO account or Facebook team.

Now the question arises, how to protect your account?

Facebook is the wonderful place where everyone can connect with each other. However there are many disadvantages or can say spam activities going around such place. Still we have ways control things.

First of all, you should never tell your login details with anyone. Your email id(linked with Facebook) should also be hidden. To do so, check your privacy settings.

Change your password regularly. Make it strong to break!

There are several applications which asks you for access to your account, personal data,etc. These applications or games predicts your future or beautify your profile picture,etc. You have to think that what these applications do with your personal data? In the worse cases, they sell this data in Dark Web in few dollars.(You should know about Dark Web in Google.)

Last thing, you should not accept friend requests of unknown or doubtful people.

However these steps cannot prevent the data misuse which is caused by Facebook or Cambridge Analyst. Facebook should take active steps to prevent this policy violation in future and also to compulsate the people who suffered.

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