Ways to promote your website with the help of social media.

Making website is easy, but managing it is quite challenging. It is a everyday job. You really can’t sit down and wait to get its stats growing. It need your everyday efforts to make it actually moving.

For a small or growing blog website owner, watching your every single view adding is just heartwarming experience. I hope you will agree with me.

But it’s not so easy. You need to plan and work everyday to think how you can promote your website. There are several paid as well as free means. One of such effective way is with the help of your social media accounts.

Some years ago, in context of monetizing website, views generating from social media was not taken into consideration. But as the times passed, with the growth of social media trends, the views of website from social media is now accepted by many ad provider companies like Google AdSense.

So you should feel assured for sharing your latest blog posts with your friends and family members on social media.

But if you want your posts to be seen by people other than friends and family, you need to explore the huge place of social media!

There are several ways to make it happen. Like in Facebook, there are various features you may be knowing to promote your website. Making Facebook page is one such way to do so. You can also boost your posts by paying on the daily or weekly basis. This will enable your posts to be viewed by many people. (You can have a look in my Facebook page for help, also follow it if you like!)

However this is practically a time worth process. The growth of your website will be linked to the growth of your Facebook page.

Another way by which you can grow your Facebook page and website is by making your own Group. This is rather an easy method which requires the mass group of people to move your group. Facebook page requires your own efforts, but Facebook group don’t need much. Only thing required is to connect more and more people along with you.

You can also share your posts in other groups not managed by you. But this can sometimes get annoying for their group admins.

(By the way, i had also made my Facebook group. You can join this group to share your posts. Your unique and genuine posts are welcome in this group.)


f your website is dedicated for photography or arts, then Instagram is the best place. Promote your website in your personal Instagram Account or make seperate account in your website name can work well.

Twitter, Tumbler, Path, etc are other names for promoting your website. There are options also in these social websites to display your website address. If you manage your website in WordPress, then there is the option of automatic sharing in your desired social media accounts.

So you can see that how you can easily grow your views with the help of your social media portals.

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