What to do with Human Errors?

As a human being, it is our foremost right to make mistakes. Remember your childhood, when you was trying to take your first step, but you just fell down. You tried again, unfortunately you failed. But you didn’t lose hope. It was totally unintentional, but at that time, just because you had attempted and made several mistakes, you was successful in taking your first step.

Now you are grown up, may be you have achieved a lot. You are at a good position, having good status, money and of course maturity. But you are making silly or unintentional mistakes. People taunt you of your silliness, calls you stupid or scold you hardly.

You can feel bad after it. You can get demoralized or aggrieved. But always remember that- Making mistake is your Foremost Right. From your birth till your dooms’ day, you will continue to make mistakes. Mistakes are just unavoidable. So if you are feeling bad at this moment for your bad performance today, then Cheer Up!

Now if you have admitted that you makes mistakes, next thing to know that What to do with Human Errors?

You can’t avoid mistakes, but you can try to reduce it. You should learn from your past mistakes. So that you can not let it happen again. But if you make same mistakes again then also don’t let yourself down. It’s quite natural that you are trying to learn something and even after it you fails. It’s similar to your several attempts before taking your first step in childhood.

Human errors are unstoppable but can be reduced. You are the sole owner of your acts.