Some of the obvious problems every self-hosted website owner faces..

I remember that day when i had shifted my free WordPress website to self-hosted website. Investing my own money for the first time, in my passion of writing was one of the biggest decision i had ever taken. I think many of you have same words to say about it.

Now as my new website is 3 months old, i have many things to tell. Many of you can be newbies in this field, so my experience will really help you a lot.

Some obvious benefits:

Before talking about some concerns of self-hosted website(which is actually our topic), it is always better to talk about some benefits which you all will experience. After all, self-hosting is always better.

  • You will get freedom to design your website as you wish. In symbolizes self-hosted websites), you gets unlimited themes. Although there are many other CMS(Content Management System) providers you can search. But in my opinion, WordPress is best as it provides user-friendly options.
  • WordPress and many other CMS providers offers free websites which are limited in terms of themes, plugins and space for storing your data. In WordPress, you gets only 1Gb of website space and some necessary plugins only.

Whereas in self-hosted websites, you gets website space depending upon your website server provider. It can be unlimited also. Whereas you gets unlimited plugins as per your needs and are also free to download.

  • You gets freedom to monetize your website whenever you wants. You can do affiliate marketing or can display ads of companies by signing in any ad provider company. After fulfilling the required terms and conditions, your website will get monetized and you can earn decent money. Sadly this option is not available for free websites.
  • Along with monetizing by ads, you can also sell your products on your website. I have seen many bloggers who are promoting their books and other products on their blog websites.

Finally some concerns you must know:

Self-hosting brings complete independence to your website. You can mould it in any way you want. But as it is said that benefits comes with responsibilities. So after creating your website, all the responsibilities of managing and securing it comes to you. Whereas in free websites, the same is handled by your CMS provider.

  • I remember the day i purchased by hosting, i got confused for a while to what to do next. Luckily i contacted to my server provider company. They guided me every step i need to do, like a software called cPanel login details, then downloading CMS software and importing your past data of old website if any. These details will be available to by your server provider through mail. You need to also think about choosing the best server provider. Think twice before choosing your server provider. After sales service is the most important aspect.
  • After buying hosting plan and domain, the website is created but can’t be operated quickly. There is a process called Domain Propagation System which involves registering your domain in every Internet Service Provider of world. It takes nearly 4-5 days and can also take more. As it is done, your website will be visible on internet. You have to maintain patience here.
  • Now there are many aspects to deal with. Choosing the right theme and plugin from the ocean is not an easy task. I had changed themes almost 4-5 times till coming to right one. Also there are several plugins you need to choose. Plus updating them regularly is also important. Along with it, your CMS provider will give you regular software updates which you should not miss.
  • I want to share you my few days problem with my website. I was updating the jetpack plugin which is the most important plugin for WordPress. As it was updating, suddenly there was some internet problem and it stopped. My website was disconnected with jetpack. So i was trying to connect it again. It was connected but then i had faced problem to post on website. I had contacted my server provider, jetpack support and WordPress support. Finally WordPress support had sorted with it. But all these problems had delayed my work for a week. So handle the settings of website very carefully. In case of any problem or doubt, contact with any experienced person.
  • Now talking about monetizing your website. It looks cool from outside. But actually not an easy task. My website was rejected from Google Adsense for about 3-4 times. They didn’t specify the problem. But as per my observation, my website was new and had negligible views. So it was justified. Not just Google Adsense, there are many other Ad providers which demands only medium to high views and good quality of contents. So for newbies, it takes good amount of time to raise your views and audience, so as to earn some.
  • The most necessary aspect of any website is its Security. You can buy Sitelock from your Server provider or any good company. Also there are many plugins available to protect website from hacking. However there are many and choosing is not easy. Two-step Authetication can also be set up.
  • Along with points stated above, you need to invest your time and effort in managing website and developing good content. This will make it your most valuable asset.

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