MHRD Initiative:Getting free Tutorials at your Home

Students now-a-days needs coaching guidance along with school education. Only reason behind it is Competition. But such kind of coaching classes are expensive for any poor or middle class students.

Also we can’t assure that students will understand everything in classes while sitting with bunch of other students. Every student have his/her own level of understanding which can’t be challenged.

Talking about the new way of learning now-a-days, there are online classes, which are generally paid. Other way of learning today is the Free guidance in Television.

This initiative is started by Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD). In 2016, they have announced several free educational channels for various levels of students. At present there are total 32 free educational channels available at every dish connection.

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Students can learn Science, Maths, Social Science to Dance and Music also. Also students preparing for competitive exams can also watch and take good guidance from tutors who are well qualified.

So we can say that this is good and cheap mean to gain best support. Also you don’t have to pay extra for these channels to your dish or cable provider.

Students can also subscribe to MHRD YouTube Channel and get learning anywhere.

You can search these channels in your channel list of TV named as MHRD with series from MHRD 1 to MHRD 33.

Here is the link given below to check out the content of each channels and prepare your time and schedule:

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