How to plan schedule of Night Study?

When you are preparing for exams, the most important question which comes in your mind is: When should I study?

When I was preparing for my past examination, I was also moving around the same question. My friends also ask the same question. May be you all are also confused.

I can understand your situation. 

The most obvious options connected with this question are:

  • Study Early Morning
  • Study late night
  • Study at day time.

Well the ultimate decision is up to you. You have to first analyze your preference and then decide the best time when you will be maximum focused.

Studying at extreme periods( i.e. studying early morning and late night) can give you better focused environment. But first you need to decide one extreme timing.

I had also studied in these extreme periods. I had studied at late nights in my first level of my inter exams. It gave me the required calmness before exams, as I was very nervous. Also due to better time schedule, I was prepared with all subjects just before a week of my exams. Also I had revised my entire syllabus for 2-3 times in that very schedule. So for me, Night study was beneficial.

But when I was preparing for my second level of inter exams of CA, I had decided to shift to morning time. So that was my second experiment on myself, with another extreme period. As my second level subjects were Theory-oriented(First level inter exam was practical based at most).

So I found morning timing as best for staying focused and understand well!

So you can see that both the extreme timings are better for you. All depends upon your own preference. But fact is: you can’t adopt both.

Now if you want to study at night, as this is your ultimate decision. So here are some of the useful tips to manage your health and daily schedule. Hope you will like it:

Take Adequate Sleep

This statement is tricky at once. But you need to understand that as you are going to study at night, you need to decide your sleep timing also. It can be afternoon nap, but not like a nap. Taking sleep is important to remain distressed at night.

Make your Time-Schedule daily

Night time study is meant for applying your goal. When you will be sitting for study, you should not waste your time in deciding that what you need to do now. Instead make your Time Table before and remain focused to complete it at any cost.

Remain Hydrated

You can feel light headed while studying. So take water at regular basis. This will maintain your energy level for much longer period. Beverages like Tea or Coffee can also work.

Avoid Gadgets

This point is applicable for those who are preparing for examinations. Mobile phones or other gadgets are the great obstructions in studies. Specially when you are willing to study at night, you can be distracted by it.

Be Motivated

When you are preparing for exams, getting nervous is common. This tip is totally common for everyone. Make yourself motivated by reminding yourself your goal. Write all the distractions which are haunting or frustrating you while you are studying. But don’t lose hope.

At last: Night study is not enough!

If you are studying at night, don’t think it as sufficient. When your exams are near, you will have to study for 10-15 hours, which is not possible with night study alone. So for it, along with night study, decide any other time period. It can be after your ‘Sleep Time’, Evening period, etc.

So follow these tips if you like it. Don’t forget to share it with your friends!