Flipkart’s acquisition by Walmart: What’s the problem in it?

Dream: Which takes comparatively longer period to mould into actual form than to make it in air like a castle.

Started in 2007 by two IIT pass outs, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal, which soon turned their website into India’s leading e-commerce company, is now a part of American retail company Walmart. Walmart acquired Flipkart’s 77% controlling stake for $16 billion. Walmart wants to enter in Indian market, in order to compete with its top rival Amazon, who had snatched its market in America. So as to regain its position, this deal can be considered as one of the biggest agreement in Electronic commerce history.

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Many are against with it, and there is a valid reason behind it. There are many people also who fully support this act. They are also true on their perception after all.

If i see my view point on this, i wasn’t expecting that one of the India’s leading company, which is the best example for any startup, would end up like this.

I always think that every website have good potential to become the biggest one in world. But seeing them acquired by a giant fish, is disappointing.

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India is moving ahead on the road of Startup India. It is dreaming to become the biggest economy with largest producer of world. How will it be possible when more and more indian startups are getting supressed by foreign giants!

The Flipkart-Walmart deal is a great challenge to every startup company. So to cope up with it, everyone should review their performance. This deal can surely turn as great trouble for those who will not think about their customers.

But from the side of Customers, this deal is a boom situation as there will be increased variety of products. Walmart will try to attract customers with lower price and imported brands. So we are going to see after some time new brands competing in market.

So as to conclude this discussion, i want to make it clear that i am not totally against with any deal. But have mixed reaction on it. So these are my honest words, so as to justify my views along with others, like everyone is thinking it.