All time work and no play makes Jack dull!

Imagine yourself in a situation where everything is boring. Everything is black and white like pages of your book. Than what will you do?

If you ask me, i would really want to leave it. Such a monotonous and dull place is worthless for everyone.

Now compare it with your life. You are academically good. You gets good grades.

That’s fine.

But if i ask you that what have you learned from your life?

Whether you are studying or an professional, becoming winner in your own eyes is most important. Other than your routine jobs, you should also follow your hobbies. Become a part-time artist for yourself! Utilize your free time in colouring your life.

Discover your hidden talent!

There are many more things you can do. Sadly we are so fast in our lives that it is hard to find our best skill. We are often driven by compliments people give, inspite of the fact that people will judge upon what we show to them.

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So as to become creative or perfectionist, have patience and focus upon your interests or disinterests. There would be something you want to really learn or anything you are good at. If you have same thoughts, then you got your creative side. Try to fulfill it to become the personality you desire!

Try new hobbies!

There are many things you can try in your lifetime to make yourself interesting. Try to learn art if you are not good in it. You can also learn some self-defense skills. Any new thing you learn will always pay you back.

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So this was the short explanation of benefits of being interesting and not dull like Jack!

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