Compiled List of various Forms as given in Income Tax Act, 1961

There are many types of Forms given in Income Tax Act, which are practically difficult to recognize.

However in actual life, it is greatly used for various compliance purposes. So for better grasp of knowledge at one place, I have prepared the compiled list of various types of forms which are commonly used by professionals.

(It is possible that any kind of list is skipped from this list. Please do let me know about it in the comment section below.)

3CAAudit Report under section 44AB in case where accounts of business or profession have been audited.
3CBAudit Report under section 44AB in case of person referred to rule 6G(1)(b).
3CDStatement of particulars required under section 44AB.
3CEBReport from an accountant to be furnished under section 92E relating to International Transactions.
10AApplication for registration of charitable or religious trust or institutions under section 12A(1)(aa)
10BAudit Report under section 12A(b) in case of charitable or religious trusts or institutions.
15CAInformation to be furnished for payments, chargeable to tax, to a non-resident not being a company or foreign company
15CBCertificate of accountant
15GDeclaration under section 197A(1) and 197(1A) to be made by an individual or person claiming certain receipts without deduction of tax.
15HDeclaration under section 197A(1C) to be made by an individual who is of the age of 60 yrs or more claiming certain receipts without deduction of tax.
16Certificate under section 203 for TDS under head Salaries
16ACertificate under section 203 for TDS deducted other than 'salaries' head.
26asAnnual tax statement under section 203AA
35Appeal to the Commissioner of Income Tax.
36Form of appeal to Appellate Tribunal
49AApplication for Allotment of Permanent Account Number under section 139A.
49AAApplication of allotment of Permanent Account Number for individuals not being citizens of India.
49BForm of Application for allotment of Tax Deducted and Collection Account Number under section 203A.
60Form of declaration to be filed by a person who does not have PAN and enters into any transaction specified in Rule 114B.
2Income Tax return form for resident individuals/HUF not having income from business or profession or capital gain or agricultural income.
3CEDApplication for an Advance Pricing Agreement.
3CEDAApplication for rollback of an advance pricing agreement.
3CEFAnnual Compliance Report on Advance Pricing Agreement.
3CEGForm for making the reference to the Commissioner by Assessing Officer.
3CEJReport from an accountant to be furnished for the purpose of section 9A relating to arm's length price in respect of remuneration paid by an eligible investment fund to fund manager.
3CF-1Application form for approval under section 35(1)(ii) in case of scientific research association.
3CF-111Application form for approval under section 35(1)(iia)
3CFAForm for opting for taxation of income by way of royalty in respect of Patent.
3CRForm for Notification of Skill Development Project under section 35CCD(1).
5BApplication for Notification of a Zero Coupon Bond under section 2(48)
8Income from manufacture of Tea
10BADeclaration to be filed by the assesse claiming deduction under section 80GG.
10CAudit Report under section 80HH
10CCAudit Report under section 80HHA
10CCAAudit Report under section 80HHB
10CCAAAudit Report under section 80HHBA.
10DBForm for evidence of payment of Securities Transaction Tax on transactions entered in recognized stock exchange
10DCForm for evidence of payment of STT on Transaction Tax on sale of units of equity oriented fund or mutual fund.
10IACertificate for the medical authority under section 80DD and 80U.
11Application for registration of a firm
12Declaration under section 184(7) for continuation of registration.
12BAStatement showing particulars of perquisites, other fringe benefits and profit in lieu of salary with value thereof
12BBStatement showing particulars of claims by an employee for deduction of tax under section 192
16AACertificate for TDS from income chargeable under head salaries cum return of income
16BCertificate under section 203 for TDS(deducted as TDS on property)
16CCertificate under section 203 for TDS( deducted as TDS on rent)
22Statement of TDS from contribution repaid to employees in case of superannuation fund
26QCChallan-cum-statement of deduction of tax under section 194IB.
26QBChallan-cum-statement of deduction of tax under section 194IA.
1Income Tax Return form for income under head Salary or pension and other source.
3Income Tax Return Form for income under head Profit or Gain From Business or Profession
4Income Tax Return Form for assesses claiming income on presumptive basis like 44AD, 44ADA and 44AE.
5Income Tax Return Form for firm, LLPs, Cooperative Societies, AOP, BOI, artificial judicial person.
6Income Tax Return Form for companies, other than companies claiming deduction under section 11.
7Income Tax Return Form for person including companies required to furnish return under section 139(4A), 139(4B), 139(4C), 139(4D), 139(4E) or 139(4F).

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