Self study OR Coaching:What is better?

When preparing for competitive exams, there is the biggest question in front of every student, that is whether to go with self study or coaching?

If you knows nothing about that particular subject, then taking coaching is the foremost option for you.

Still I have seen many people doing self study in these cases. But I personally think that we should take guidance from experts for subjects we have not faced in past.

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This doubt arises for those students who have read these subjects before and are doubtful for their preparations. Plus there is the peer pressure which comes in path of our confidence.

If you are facing this issue of ‘whether do self study or coaching’, then continue reading this topic:

In order to solve this dilemma, you need to analyze several criteria. So judge yourself after reading them and decide fairly:

Difficulty in understanding:

There can be a subject you know very well. Still if you feel that you need a expert guidance for understanding its hard and difficult questions. It can be possible that you have learned the basics, but still not know the application of same. Then you can go with coaching or any guidance from your elders.

Poor basic knowledge:

It is not mandatory to take coaching of every subjects. Reason may be high price of coaching or time wastage in travelling. But when you feel that you are not good in basics of that subject. Then coaching is better.

Still I will advise you to do self-study also, as while studying on your own, you can know the boundaries of that chapter. Although by practicing regularly, you will be able to understand well.

For an instance, if you are studying law subject or any theory subject, you can refer to good books where you will be provided with several cases and examples to understand that subject.

If you are studying maths, accounts or any solving subject, you should first solve every example problems before the unsolved questions.

Time period for Preparation:

Time period for preparing for competitive exam is also the main factor to consider. Plus you should also consider the time for completion of each subject, whether by self-study or by coaching. If you have plenty of time for preparation, then you can easily make the schedule of your study. You can take coaching of some subjects and start studying of remaining subjects. Or you can take coaching of all subjects, if you need. This proportion can be decided by you.

So these are the three factors you should analyze. Then decide accordingly!

Now there are further tips I want to give you which are totally based on my personal experiences. During my CA Inter level, I have experienced the level of competition with my peers. So what I did to cope up with them and get ahead from them is still the significant part of my preparation.

  • Never get pressurized by your friends to take any coaching classes when you don’t want to learn from that teacher or you don’t need it actually.
  • Always think twice before choosing any tutor for subject.
  • If you want to do self-study, then be punctual towards your studies. Make proper time-table for managing your routine.
  • Refer the best author books for studying.
  • Design your study routine pattern properly. You should have enough time after completion of coaching for revisions.
  • If you are taking coaching, then it doesn’t mean that you will definitely score good or get passed in exams. Your hard work will only decide your result, and not your teacher who taught you.
  • You should do at least 2-3 times revision of all subjects before exams.
  • Maintain good diet and remain healthy.

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