Case Based Study subjects: How to deal with it?

Case based study questions are very common in exams where you are required to display your knowledge level.

A Case Study is generally an account of an activity, event or problem that contains a real or hypothetical situation and you are required to answer based on any law or your judgement.

Answering a case study question is also an art. It requires good grasp of knowledge over a subject.

Your concepts should be good and clear. Also you must do good writing practice of case studies before exams.

A case study answer is not a Number-Oriented Computation Answer, but a Conceptual Discussion Answer. It may be considered as Suggested Approach.

Format of Case based Answer:


Make a first paragraph, stating it properly as the concept or provision with which your question is related. In order to describe it accurately, read question properly.

Be precise with your words, make it short and sufficient as to make it understandable by anyone.


Now give brief description of the case. Better to make another paragraph with heading stating Case Description. Give short summery so as to link it later with your conclusion.

In case you need to show any calculation, then you can avoid this part. It all depends upon time taken to solve this and other questions.


After describing or solving the numerical problem, you need to explain its impact on the case. It may be the case where you need to explain the impact without applying the concept or provision. So give conclusion in brief and concise way.


If there is another requirement in question, then it should be described seperately.

What should we do while handling a Case Study?

  • Plan the structure of your answer mentally, before commiting into writing.
  • Identify all Issues/Concepts/Principles
  • Discuss each issues in depth, explaining their impact. Answer should have a logical flow.
  • Make your answer as simple as possible. Don’t take too much time on presentation.

Practice makes man Perfect

So make your concepts strong. Then apply it in various cases.

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