Things to avoid before examination

Examination is the crucial part of every student’s life. It is the phase when assessment of student is done based on the syllabus he or she had covered during the covered period. Passing this phase leads the student to move ahead to next level.

Before any examination, whether it be school or college or even competitive exam, the foremost thing everyone should do is to prepare yourself for this phase. This preparation is both mentally and academically. Means you need to do hard work for completing and understanding everything before hand and with firm determination to clear it.

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In this post, instead of sharing the things you should do, I want to tell you all those things you should avoid before exams. So read it till end!

1) Not doing any revision before exams

Revision is one of the important factor for success in any exam. Practically saying, when you have started your first time reading and understanding everything, you are actually revising the syllabus for first time. But magic happens when you repeat your revision process for many times. You will observe that your time taken for every subsequent revision is reducing. You will become more confident for your syllabus. Read this post, whose link is given below for learning more about how to do good revisions:

How to revise before exams?

2) Taking less diet before exams

Stress is the obvious factor every student face before exams. But sometimes this stress makes us sick as we don’t care about our diet. Also due to the busy schedule, we don’t remember to take our food on time. Even we don’t remember to drink water ideally. This can actually trouble us by making us ill. Getting ill can affect our exams only as all the hard work we had done before all goes to vain. So must maintain your diet system and also avoid the oily and junk food.

3) Inadequate sleep management

Before and during your examination, a student gets so engaged in books that he or she don’t care about rest or adequate sleep. This can also trouble you as inadequate sleep reduces your ability and affects your memory power. Make a proper time management and decide that in what time you can study well. Many people finds night study as more suitable. So they should decide their sleep time in any day period. To read more about night study and other tips if you are also a ‘study owls’, then read the post whose link is given below:

how to plan night study?

4) Social media habitat

Social media is on one hand a blessing, as people like me can share useful information to all who need it. But it is curse for all those whose exams are near! When my exams are near, then I used to shut down all my social media accounts and gets engaged to studies. As it is distraction for me also. Similarly you should also close all the social media accounts before exams to avoid the unnecessary distractions. But you can take help of Internet by reading all the latest amendments or any content related to syllabus. You should always read newspaper and other informative topics to refresh your mind, when you are totally submerged into your syllabus.

So these are certain Not To Do things for your better preparation. Further I want to share some more preparation tips you should follow along with it.

  • Make proper time table for proper distribution of time between all your subjects.
  • Make proper notes and short charts if suitable.
  • Don’t become pressurized due your peers.
  • And lastly, be firm and ensure yourself again and again for your best performance in exam.

So here are all the tips from my side for your help. Hope it will help you all. I want to wish everyone whose exams are near and at present reading my post All the Best! Wish you will succeed in your upcoming examination.

Also don’t forget to share it with your friends whose exams are also near.

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