Why not think beyond the boundaries for your career?

Every student after completing his studies want to get secure and fruitful job in future. For this they work hard to clear the entrance exams, spend a good amount of sum on coachings and later, when they gets selected, they sacrifice their almost everything in order to get the best and secure future. This approach is appealing, as everyone desires for it. Your parents want you to get the good job, so that you can carry on the livelihood in future.

Today’s world is full of many exciting types of job. But the real mistake happens when the whole bunch of talented people, due to pressure of society or want of security, gets engaged in same profession. As a result of it, the precious talent or skill gets lavished.

Time comes when you gets qualified and starts your exploration of good job. Personally i have seen many intelligent and deserving people to ramble here and there for job. But end up working in a less progressive areas. The talent is still hidden in them, but hasitate to come out. Luckily many are brave enough to reverse the tables.

This happens not because you had studied in a small university. Nor because you had not spend enough money on your studies. But because you had not taken right decision in past. The fake pressure of society or friends were so strong against you!

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So try to think above the local limits. Think how you can make your future more brighter. If you have choosen science, then there are many professions for you. If you choose to do Engineering, then also there are many amazing branches. Only thing required is to think differently. If you choose to do what you friends want to do or where your friends want to study, then it is possible that you will enjoy the 4-5 years of your college. But afterwards this decision can frighten you for long!

Choose your ‘only’ path, lead and then conquer it!

Even after choosing your area of study, try to make time for polishing your skills. Learn music if you love it, learn new languages or join art classes. You can also master in different sports. Studying doesn’t mean to make yourself dull. It is important but not your sole purpose.

If you want good job and then enjoy the handsome package, then groom yourself! It doesn’t only mean to be well dressed. But to make your personality well oriented. Learn to be polite with everyone in general. Read some good books. Read newspaper daily and be updated.

As a learner, i personally recommend you to follow these tips. This blog is also the outcome of working on my best skill, i.e.,writing. This had made me more confident in my life.

That’s why think beyond the limits!