Career after 12th: Commerce

After passing 12th class, the biggest difficulty in front of us is to decide which subject or field we should choose. Inspite of several new options available for us today for our career, still we only prefer few common professions. Reason being it is much comparatively safer option for everyone to suit. But the new professions of today are also demanding. So think again about it!

If i talk about myself, i was also in great dilemma after completion of 12th standard. I had choosen Science stream in my 12th class. But after it’s completion, i had realized that it was my mistake, and i was not at all interested in pursuing further in science (Sorry i don’t have any negative comment for science. But this is my personal comment).

So i had decided to shift to commerce stream and decided to choose one of the toughest profession, i.e., Chartered Accountancy(CA). Many had objected my decision, but i was too determined to do so. Now the result of that past decision is that i’m in Final level of this course.

So you can see that there is no harm in choosing any different profession. All you need is to have interest in that subject.

For any Commerce student or a person like me who wants to shift in this area, there are several options in front. So i am sharing with you the entire list of courses available in commerce area career. On thing to disclaim in this table that instead of telling about some common professions, i have started in series with some uncommon areas, so as to give more interesting options for your choice. So read this till end to learn more!

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