Ways to prepare mind blowing notes!

Note making is the great art to learn for every student. Not just student, it is important for every professional. As it improves your writing skills and make you more presentable and proper.(I had written the post about note making before. So also refer that post) But this post is specially meant for students who are striving to prepare their notes. So must read it till end!

Simply get to the point! So preparation of notes can be of several ways. You can prepare some summary notes or make charts for quick grasp of topic everytime you study it. If you are not comfortable with it or in short of time, then marking on the books or use of some sticky notes can also help. So I’ll elaborate all the ways to you.


This is the most common type of preparation. Take a notebook and start writing! But this is not the end. If you want to make excellent notes, then firstly read the whole chapter or topic, so as to understand what you need to write. Also mark the important lines in topic. Then go on writing it. This will be called Summery Notes.

Example of Summery Notes


This is the newest way of preparation of notes, where you just make your notes more creative and easy to understand. This can be used in addition of your normal summery or class notes. I recommend it to use during your revision period. Although preparing it can take your more time. But it will be worth.

Hierarchical form of Chart

Tabular form of chart (Don’t mind about these irregular lines)

MARKING ON THE BOOKS (For those who don’t have ample time)

Use colourful markers and pens to colour your books! If you are short of time as your exams are near, then you can try the shortcuts. Simply read whole topic thoroughly and along with it, mark all the important points and definitions. When you will read or revise it second time, then your sight will fall on those markings only. But also learn your class notes.

Some time saving items for your note preparation

Example of Colour marking on books


Sticky notes are helpful for all those who wants to make their preparations quickly. Stick these little notes on your book and write all the short points. Later while revising, refer these notes. But also mark some important points as told you in previous point. Then write some additional points on your own in those sticky notes.

Example of use of sticky notes

So follow these points in your active preparations of exams. Also don’t forget to share it with your friends who are also struggling in it!

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