How to master in Practical Subjects!

Practical subjects are considered more easier than Theory subjects, as they are more interesting than theory. Still there are several subjects like Maths, Accounts, Costing, etc; which are like phobia for many students. Reason being they require good concepts along with good practice of problems. So I can say these subjects are adjoined with theory.

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So to understand it becomes more important and tricky as well.

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So this post is specially dedicated to guide you how to make yourself expert in practical subjects. Kindly read it till end to know more:

Understand the basic concept of topic:

Before starting the chapter, understand the basic purpose of that particular chapter or topic, and stick to it. This can be guided by your mentors or any elder as well. So don’t miss this part.

Read the theory part of that topic(if any) :

Theory part includes the rules or principles or theorems you should learn. Directly jumping into the practical questions make no sense.

Attempt the solved problems:

Before unsolved problems, there are used to be a series of solved problems in books. Try to attempt those questions. This will help you in making grip for unsolved problems. Solve every type of solved problems to avoid confusion later.

(Lastly) Try the unsolved problems:

Now after attempting all the solved problems, you are in position to attempt all the unsolved problems. Solve maximum problems and I will suggest you to devote maximum time on it. Any question too difficult to solve should be marked. Ask it from your teacher or any elder.

How much time should be allocated for Practical subjects?

Practical subjects generally takes more time to understand than theory subjects. Reason being more you practice, more you learn. So from my perspective, you should allot at least 3-4 hours daily for your practical subjects.

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More Tips for practical subjects :

  • It’s good to refer books from various publications. But when you start preparing your subject, don’t make yourself confused with several books. Firstly complete entire course from one book, then shift to another book for more variety of questions.
  • There can be many ways or methods to solve a particular question. Sometimes teachers also tell different methods to solve and students gets confused over it. So my advise will be to follow that method which you understands better.
  • Before exam days, when you are revising, refer all the last year question papers to evaluate your performance. Test yourself by putting yourself in a exam situation, when you need to complete a question paper in a limited time.
  • If you are allowed to use calculator in exam, then take care of your calculator till end! Means practice more and more on it and make yourself habitual so that you can speedily solve in exams. Also don’t change it and buy different model before exam. It will affect your speed the most.
  • For your preparation, must take guidance from your teachers and elders.

So these are some of the tips i want to share with you all. Hope you like it. Also share it with your friends!

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