Throw out all distractions during your exam times!

Distractions are always the great hurdles to jump through. We all have experienced several distractions when we are studying or in case when we are in a peaceful environment. These interruptions can make someone very worried for future, or can make someone very angry for any past actions. So this continuous agitation can make one away from actual task, which cannot be said as too harmful. But it is actually time wasting. Specially for students who are rushing themselves ahead for their exams.

Distractions are really harsh and numerous in nature. So let’s first count all the possible types of distractions which can trouble, along with their solutions. So must read till end!

Social Media stuffs

Here i want to figure out all types of addicting games also, along with social networking sites.

You all are well aware about this kind of distraction. Actually it is not a distraction and was not ever build for creating a distraction for anyone. But when a person is so much addictive for it, it needs to be stopped.

To relate this, i want to share my personal experience. When i was preparing for my last exam which was in November, i had deleted my all social media apps, including my blogging website also. Reason being i was too addictive to write posts and then to share it in social media also. This was the big rock lying between me and my success. So i had finally removed it.

Hence if you think this as distraction just like me, then just delete all your social media accounts and games right away. If you think that these social media accounts are useless for you, then also delete it!

Past regrets..

Some sad and disappointing events may encounter you. Like your failures in exams or in relations. It can also be stress due to family conditions. There can be anything happened around you. But just get relaxed for a while and think why you are thinking about it now? Encourage yourself hardly so as to lower those past voices which are irritating you.

Peer relationship

This segment is all about how to manage your studies with your personal relationships. Imagine you are studying and suddenly you get call from your friends for an invitation of party or cinema, etc. Then it’s obvious to get confused about whether to go or not.

Well it is important to maintain your friendship also. But when your exams are near, then it’s better to say No to them. A good friend will always understand your deny.


Now when this is the cause, then why to blame others! Lazy to wake up or be slow or careless to complete your daily study targets is also a distraction. For this you have to push yourself to wake up early, even when you don’t want to. Pushing yourself in every task where you are slow can sort out most of your problems.

Food addiction

I have seen many people who feels hungry while studying. It’s normal when it happens occasionally. But when it’s not, then you have to find a way out of it. Some will find this distraction as joke, but it’s a time wasting habit. Also if you are having junk food regularly then it can spoil your health also. So try to make your mind strong. If you are seriously suffering then consult doctor.

Well i had figured out all the broad type of distractions. As i had written earlier, there are numerous types of distractions in our lives, more then those i had written. So in case you are having more kind of distractions, then there is only one remedy available, your strong mind. Motivate yourself continuously. Cheer yourself daily so as to perform your daily tasks completely.

So this was all i want to share with you. If you love it, then must share it with everyone. Also read my other posts about exams and many other topics. I hope that your time given to this blog will improve your life👍

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