My love for books!

From the start of schooling, my passion of reading and writing had always been unwonted. Whether it be any story book, or be it action comic book, there used to be a sort of craziness to read whole book overnight. My mom often call me crazy due to my obsessions!

Before continuing this post, i want to firstly tell you that how i got the idea to write about it. Today i saw one picture on Twitter, something about books. A room full of books, at such extent that you are almost breathing it. Then i had downloaded one pic, shared it on Twitter. But that was not enough. So to make myself sorted, i had wrote this post. Actually writing it!

I am observing nowadays that people are going away from books, due to technology. Although this technology is the mother of e-book culture . But still, it can’t take away the ‘actual’ book reading. Now i should involve the environmental problems also, like books are made of papers, which is made from trees. But this can be solved by using recycled papers.

Books should never be neglected. Whether it be your favourite novels or comic books or your syllabus books also. May be you have to study those syllabus books due to exams or just because you don’t want scolding from your teachers. But on the serious note, these books are your only career builder. Books make you wise and strong enough to challenge the odds. When you get knowledgeable, it can also make others jealous of you!

Whenever i get new book, i used to smell its pages. May be you have also experienced it. Its fragrance makes me excited to read it quickly. I feel that there is huge difference of scents between new books and old books. It may happen because new books denotes freshness and youth in itself. Its white and crisp pages are just like a small and innocent child. Soon its(pages) colour changes to dull yellow. You can see the sides of books. The part you had read of any book becomes dull. Actually it refers to the maturity or growth of that small child. When his mind is developed by time, or by other people.

Books just like us needs love and affection. So try to collect and read various kinds of books. Store and decorate your room with these colourful books. Just like the picture shown above, thousand of books can beautify your room more efficiently than an empty wall with several paint designs.

(Well this are my thoughts, more personal. Forgive if your have objections about it)

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