Can’t get over with music!! 

“When i hear to my favorite songs, i actually gets dissappeared from real world. It takes me to that wonderful place where violin and guitars, along with piano are soothing me from head to toe. But when i see its other side, i hear amazing electric and jazz guitars and drums, which electrify me, makes me more powerful! ”

What to describe about music, everyone knows about it, all loves it. I too loves music. From hindi songs to English pop and country songs, all are my favorite. I used to listen English songs in my headphone, but enjoys hindi songs with group.

Well this is my taste of music. Everyone have their preferences. Some people actually gets lost from world while listening music and start dancing and singing. Some people listens soothing songs and have their shaking feets to tell others that they are enjoying with music (Don’t Disturb!!)

Music is so much beneficial to everyone. Even science claims that music helps in raising efficiency of person. It helps in remembering things very easily when one have to remember many different things in series or by their individual names.

Singing songs actually challenges a singer to make the best song that better describes his/her feelings and convey well. It challenges a listeners too because they have to understand the story behind that song.

On the other hand, playing music is another way to describe the moods and emotions without compiling any words.

While making the song, song writers are required to focus on that situation and then use their best means to convay what they wanted to. This requires lot of mental efficiency. Musicians on other hand are required to make best music which can give justice to that story which is to be conveyed. All this thing comes together with the masterpiece, appreciated by the people like us. You could say that song makers are genius.

Music connects all the people together just like blogging does. A great song with good story and music is adopted by all the people of globe like a shared vision. It becomes like an anthem when all enjoys together.

So why to follow the beats of music??



  1. viviliseJune 3, 2017

    So true! I always escape into a world of mine when listening to music and some point i start singing :3 .

    1. prenikaJune 4, 2017

      Same here!! 😀


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