How to complete your exam 100%?

We typically get 2-3 hours for writing our exam. In which we have to solve nearly 7-8 questions of maximum 16 marks each. Any diligent student can answer as to why they need to complete their whole paper on time. Even you can estimate your performance and answer this question. But the problem arise when the question paper is really lengthy or too difficult to solve..

In such a situation, the average speed for writing the exam can slow down, after writing one or two question. If this thing happens with you, then you should read this till the end, as I will tell, you on the basis of my past experience, some of the tips to complete your exam on time.

As a student of Chartered Accountancy(CA) , I know very well the dilemma of a normal student, who is striving hard for completing his paper on time. CA papers usually comes very lengthy. So to complete it on time is another kind of challenge. Here are some of tips which I had followed during my exams:

Complete your whole syllabus

If you want to attempt 100% exam, then you must first go through your whole syllabus. You should be in a situation where you are aware of every chapter of your book. After completing your syllabus once, then revise whole syllabus also. This will make your preparation and confidence strong.

Make writing your habit

If you want to write faster, then you have to make writing as your habit. But it doesn’t mean that you write whole book! To save your time and energy, start writing the past years question papers. You can get all the papers on Google very easily. Before 1-2 weeks from your exam, write one question paper daily and also aim to complete it within stipulated time.

Utilize your first 15 minutes of exam

In exam, the first 15 minutes you get for reading your question paper should be utilized properly. Firstly reach to the exam hall on time. It’s better to reach half an hour before commencement of exam. So that you can relax and then sit down for writing. Don’t get stressed on seeing your question paper. You will remember everything as soon as you start writing your paper.

During the first 15 minutes, plan the order of questions you want to attempt. After 15 minutes, work your plan!

Don’t go too lengthy with your answers

Even if your single question is of 16 marks, go try to fill 2-3 pages for it. Make your answers easy to read and understandable. Write in points wherever necessary. Otherwise make small paragraphs and give proper headings to highlight.

Skip the difficult questions for a while!

There can be certain questions which are tricky to solve in time. If these questions are taking more than expected time, then it’s better to skip it by leaving space for them. In the end, try to complete it.

Plan the expected time per question.

One additional point i want to add on this is to decide the expected time for each question.

Suppose if you have 3 hours to solve your paper. Means 180 minutes(3hr*60 minutes). If you need to solve total 6 questions, then for each question you need at least 30 minutes. But you should make up your mind to complete the single question in 25 minutes. Save some time in the end for presentation. Write your answers keeping in mind the time. When 25 minutes have passed, then quickly leave some space you need and move to next question. Complete the left questions in the end.

So here are some of the easy tricks to complete your exam 100%. Read more such kinds of tips for your exams in this blog. Just go to Menu -> Education to read more such kinds of posts.

Also must share it with your friends who are preparing for exams with you.

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