Women strength against crimes.. 

Few days before i read in newspapers that one girl, belonging to our city, was working in another town. At early morning, one boy shot her. She was dead. 

After this news, as a concerned parents, my parents became worried. Their fear is valid. But one question came in my mind at that time that ‘After this incident, girls should leave their dreams?’ NO!! 

Then what should they do so that they can be safe? 

Sometimes, i also get afraid and angry also that the people who does such crimes, have got which type of education. Why they are not taught some good ethics? Why they does not consider girls and women as humans. We all are having the right to live. We are have the right to dream for our future. 

I really feel sad that just due to such incidents, other parents don’t let their girls to study, put them inside the cage. 

Girls and birds don’t deserve the cage. They want to fly because they are born to fly!  

 One more thing which come in my mind that after such incident, the law of that country awakes and punish that criminal. Then also the crimes don’t stop. Instead it spread more rapidly like a fire. Maybe the people gets idea of how to do crime or they don’t read newspaper! 

After all this, one thing i want to conclude by saying that :-

Girls don’t be afraid. Fight for yourself. Dream for your life and do whatever is possible to transform your dreams into reality. 

The crimes against you will be stopped by you only. This society will be changed by you only. Because women are the backbone of this society. You are required to understand what is your strength.

These crimes are not going to stop you from living. Live well! 

#women empowerment 


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  1. Christy BJune 7, 2017

    Oh how tragic. Continue to rise, ladies! As you say, we won’t be caged…


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