Quick Learning Chart(PDF Format) of Allowances & Perquisites of Salary+ One Announcement

Heads of Income is one of the most important, or i can say the most important part of Taxation. Out of it, the part which contains more parts of learning is in Salary head where there are many limits to memorize. But i always favour the chart style learning where we can learn many things quickly.

So today I am sharing the quick charts of list of all allowances and perquisites. This is one part of the entire Salary Chart I am currently preparing(SPOILER!!). Soon i will publish the E-book of all the charts of Taxation. So you will have to wait for it.

Till then, take the look at this chart:

allowance and perquisites

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There is one more announcement I want to share with everyone. There was one banner in purple colour for inviting people to send their entries in our email id. You may have dismissed it. Here is one more opportunity for you. As i had said earlier about E-book, we are looking for people who can contribute in this by sending their own made charts in any topic in Word(As we need to modify its header and footer) to our Email, i.e., wiseing96@gmail.com.

Those who have their exams, please don’t get diverted with this. Focus on your exams and if interested, work on it after your exams.

For further details, mail me on wiseing96@gmail.com.