Respect for Equality 

In this 21st century, where we are progressing day by day, having the best means we can get. Good lifestyle is so normal for majority of us. We can say we are blessed with what we get. 

But there are still some places in this world where we can’t imagine ourselves to live. People in those places are still striving of basic facilities, they are caught by violence and inequality.

I feel bad for those people because they also deserve what we are getting. There are many places in world where human rights are meant nothing. Due to some groups of people who want to dominate themselves in world, many millions of people are living in annoyance. 

One of the concern of inequality which i want to specially mention is about female and children rights. I don’t know about other countries because i have never traveled. But after seeing many of the cases arose in my country, i really disappointed that how could someone gets the right to criticize and exploit other’s rights. In our country woman and children are often worshipped like god. But in this divine land only, women and children are criticized due to their existence, specially girl child. 

Due to this girls and women are tried to put behind like a bird in a cage. In many places, girls are not allowed to get education because anything can happen with her while her going to school. 

They are married at early age. Then she have to take care to her family and not of herself, unfortunately. 

I don’t understand why this mentality of society does not consider women and children as humans? 

Why only girls are taught to be well behaved but boys are not taught to behave well with women? 

But i still hope someday people would realize that the Equality should be respected. And equality means that of humans, which is not bound by gender or colour or cast. 

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