Mod Security and WordPress: My small experience about this pairing..

From last 2-3 days, i just felt that my blog was just messed up. But actually not! It is alright now, but with the small question left behind: Do i really need it?

3 days before, i was writing one post. After all the editing and final touches, i had pressed PUBLISH button. But there came one error:

I had tried again and again, but no effect. As i am not so technically competent, so it was difficult for me to understand.

I had then raised ticket in and described all my problem. But i thought it as insufficient, so wrote mail to Jetpack support also. Then i had also raised ticket in my hosting provider support. Jetpack replied me and clarified that there is something which is blocking the connection between Jetpack and your site. They had advised me to contact my hosting provider for this solution. My hosting provider, on the other hand, had asked me to login my cpanel and disable Mod Security. This term was brand new to me. I had no idea about it.

Following their advice, i had disabled it and then tried to publish the ‘Test’ post in Private mode. I soon realised the real issue. It was Mod Security which was blocking the connection!

I asked my hosting provider for any alternative of Mod Security for protection of my site. But there is no alternative for the same, except to disable it every time i need to edit my site. Means this is so cumbersome for me to handle! A person who likes to write ‘on the spot’ would not like to get interrupted by this extra work!

My question to all the readers:

Should Mod Security software be improved?

WordPress is the largest CMS provider in the world. Person who wants to set up the self hosting site used to always prefer WordPress. But due to the rules set up in Mod Security, WordPress users are facing several types of problems. Whether it be for logging or publishing posts, users are facing several problems.

I would highly recommend Mod Security to make their rules user friendly, without compromising the high security set ups.

Well this was my experience. What are yours? I am not a technical expert, so had written out of my perception. But if there is anything you want to share like any solution for it, then must comment in the section! I will really appreciate it👍

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