What should be the length of blog post? (My personal opinion)

It had been a year of my experience of blog. Thought i am not yet experienced in it, but still had enough observation about this topic. So consider my point if you think it as right!

When i had started my blog, there were many things which had put me in a dilemma. Like the name of blog, core area of writing, minimum lenght of blogs, etc. So i had referred several posts of other blogs which had made my mindset clear. Although i had seen some conflicting words which had not solved my doubt, unless i had tried to solve it on my own. The doubt was: Lenght of a normal post.

Some had advised to write short posts while some had said to write detailed. This is odd, as it can mislead the newbies.

My opinion?

My opinion regarding this will be to see what is your core area of writing, as this is the only parameter of measuring the lenght of your particular post.

Still, what should be the minimum lenght of post?

Well, this is difficult to answer. But if i consider my blog, then i think that minimum words should be of 400 to 500. Also make your post easy to read by dividing it into small paragraphs. This would make your readers engaged with your post.

Any particular areas where lenght of post really matters?

Yes, i had already said that your core area of writing will determine the lenght of post. Every area of writing has its own level of depth. When you sit down to jolt down your post, you get involved with that topic. The time and interest you put for writing that topic will determine the lenght of that topic. Usually i had seen that blogs majorly engaged in creative writing like fiction stories and diary entries can have short to long lenght posts.

On the other hand, blogs solely meant for informative contents can have long posts, depending on the topic. My blog is also based on informative topics. You can have a look at my other posts for more information about this issue.


In the end, i firmly believe that you should focus on your core topics. Furthermore, always choose those topics in which you are comfortable to write. It’s worthless to write about softwares and technology if you are not good it it, even though it is nowadays a trend to write about it. So choose your favourite area, start writing around it and then you’ll see the suitable lenght of your posts and also genuine audience!