How to ‘Utilize’ your free time after exams?

Life before exams is always busy and monotonous. You will feel boring and which will give rise to several new ideas which you want to implement after exams. Although after exams, you would realize that all the ideas were just useless. This will give us enough time to waste and not utilize.

Have you felt the same?

If yes, then you must read this post till end to know some of the ways of utilizing your time in the efficient way!


I remember my last year, when i had started my blogging as hobby and opened a free blog account in WordPress. Then this blogging had ultimately become my second mode of career, or can say, still a part time career. Even now when i am undergoing my articleship, i am actively running my blog(which is self-hosted now). This is my way of utilizing my time.

That was one example of investing time, i.e., Blogging or Writing. If you think blogging is full of responsibilities, which is obvious. Then you can find some of the portals where you can participate in writing posts as guest writers. Actually my site is also active in inviting entries of many useful contents. This is not only satisfying but also rewarding. You can earn money and several prizes. If you are interested in writing for my blog, then must contact us. We will provide you topic and guidance as required. Our contact id is

Attending skill improvement courses

Education is always useful, but not without skills. Every student should have good communication and analytical skills. Also technical knowledge is also needed to improve your job prospects. There are several courses available. You can avail it in your city or by distance education mode. Also several courses are available online as well. So this is the huge opportunity for you. Go ahead!

Make yourself creative!

Don’t make yourself book worm! Fill colours in your life by participating in several creative activities. Do what you like as every person have his/her creative side. You only have to mould your ideas. Other than writing, you can learn music, painting, aerobics, dancing and lots more. There can be ‘n’ number of activities you can do. Only thing required is to ask what is more comfortable for you. If you think you are a good speaker and can motivate or present your good ideas in front of people, then become a Youtuber! Who knows your hobby can become your career which can give you lots of fame and recognition.

What’s wrong in becoming Fitness freak!

One of the worse part about exams which i think is that we cannot take care of our fitness during this period. This can give rise to several health problems. Then what is the use of so much studies when we can’t enjoy this! After exam period is the only time when we can engage ourself in many healthy habits. Join gym or aerobic classes. You can also join Yoga classes which will improve your physical and mental state.

Enjoy your Freedom!

Your are free from your academic duties. This is the only time when you can see and enjoy the world. Visit different tourist places,with your family and friends. Plan a hiking tour or any adventurous journey also. Visiting new places will surely refresh your mind and energise you.

Teaching others will teach you!

This idea will help those who have teaching passion. They can set up a coaching classes in their home or can collaborate with any coaching centre for teaching students. Nowadays there are many online coaching portals also. You can also collaborate with them. In return you can earn money and appreciation as well.

Make reading your habit

Reading books, and not your academic ones! Buy or borrow some good motivational books or any good novels which can show you good path of success. Make a group of your friends who also loves to read books. Then share your books with your other friends and discuss about the storyline with each other. Utilise your free time peacefully!

So this was all the information i want to share with you. Hope you like it.

Why don’t we must share this post with our all friends and family so that we can help and make each other wise!

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