Thought of day:- kindness always pays well

In this world of fast paced people, who are always rushing towards money, prosperity and fame. Well there is no fault in doing so. But when this material hunting goes beyond limit, things can go worse. They leave their parents behind and don’t care about their children also. They sacrifice their peace of mind and love also. Some of the world can be seen by all of us, saying that ‘TRUE LOVE don’t exist’. And the reason of it is that we don’t actually care about love at all!! We want everything, but don’t want peace.

We can spare our time for following the world, but don’t have time for ourselves. This is something wasteful for us.


The ultimate reality is that we are taking ourselves to that unknown, risky path which will take us to nowhere. Just like any animal, we also need that peace and love, which can be achieved by having some kindness for ourself, our family and society. There is no shame in helping others or guiding them to right direction.

As a human, we have the duty to help others. Running after material things are although necessary, but not an absolute thing to be done by anyone.

Conclusion:- ‘Love others and you will get loved ‘. And after getting loved, you can get the ultimate happiness in your life.


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