Essential points you should know before entering in ‘Good firm’ for Articleship

For any CA student, articleship phase is something very promising period, where a student can actually experience the practical aspects of this course. In this phase, student can get a chance to not only implement their raw knowledge of Taxation and auditing, but can also learn several new things like how to communicate with others, how to handle the complicated situations with ease and most importantly, how to manage your time!

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I am also undergoing my articleship and on the basis of my experience, i can say that this is the most challenging period for me. I am juggling many things, office, studies and of course, this blog. But this is the only ultimate learning experience for which this course is known!

Now there can be many doubts in the mind of students regarding Articleship. I have seen many people saying that articleship is just waste of time. One should just do their articleship in a small firm or can just do dummy. I will strongly oppose this opinion. Instead you should say that articleship is beneficial when done from a good firm. When i say ‘Good Firm’ it means not only mediocre or big firms, but can also include a small firm which have lots of work to do. You can say these firm as growing firms. These firms can give you lot of exposure in many areas.

Now i will list several points you should check out for choosing a ‘Good firm’ for articleship. So don’t forget to read it till end:

Place of Accommodation

Firstly you should see your personal preference. Whether you want to go to another city for your articleship or want to stay in your hometown?

Your Academic details

Then you should check out your marks tally. In big firms like Big 4s, they specifically demand a student who had scored good or had cleared in lesser attempts with both groups. However there are many other ways to get into Big 4s as well. You can check those ways in this post. Must read that too!

Areas of Interest

Then you must decide the firm on the basis of areas you want to learn. In some firms you can get to learn taxation oriented works, while in some they have lot of audit oriented areas. Apart from taxation and auditing, there are several other types of areas like drafting, project reports, etc. which can be minor yet important in today’s time. So decide upon it accordingly.

Ease in pursuing your studies for exams

You should remember that along with your Articleship, you need to focus on your studies as well. Whether you are in Inter or Final level, you need to analyse whether your office is going to give you leaves before exams or can they give you permission to pursue your coachings along with office. This is important to consider so as to avoid any conflicts afterwards.

Ask your friends about their firms

You should take advise from your fellow students who are doing articleship from any firm. Along with other important points, don’t forget to ask about condition of the office, number of articles enrolled in that firm and stipend details,etc. On this base, you should carefully select a good firm.

So these were some of the points which i advise you to consider before entering any firm for Articleship. If you have any other points in your mind, then must comment me below. Also don’t forget to subscribe this site to get to read more interesting posts.

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