Thought of day:- World will not wait for you!! 

In this fast moving world, things are changing so rapidly which is going over head of many people. New technologies, innovation, country’s elections, then new government, their new orders, etc, etc. Today we buy one brand new phone but next day another better phone enters in market. Now what we will do! This looks insane and make us too.

These things are so rapid that we can’t understand what is exactly happening. May be our ancestors from looking from heaven are also amazed on looking on us.

Then how to deal with it!! Either to run with crowd, or to sit down and stare others. Or there is another option, to make our own route. Well this is like be a scientist or sailor, finding the treasures.

The decision is yours! I would say that every path is right. However the fruit at the end will be different for different paths.

The conclusion :-

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