CA exams not cleared? Read how I had tackled with failure!

This post is based on my personal experience of my first failure in CA IPCC level. After 1year of this incident, I finally got the reason to raise this experience in front of everyone. It all happens because in my opinion, Inspiration is better that motivation. So this post will definitely help you to cope up with depression and dissatisfaction.

Recently I am connecting with many CA Inter students who had not cleared in this attempt. They had asked me tips for how to start their studies again. This gave me idea to write something for my fellow students and help them out from this situation by telling my story about how I had refocused to studies.

I want to take you to May 2017 when I had given my CA IPCC Group 2 exams. Everything went well according to me. Due to my interest in writing and certain other reasons I had started blogging. This made me greatly satisfied as I was completely immersed in blogging.

Finally the day arrived when this momentum was to be ruined. It was the result day on 1st August 2017. This day is specially important for me, not because of result, but due to my BIRTHDAY!

I was nervous as I don’t want to ruin my birthday. I was pretty sure about my performance in exams. Actually I was little overconfident about it. Ultimately I had faced my result..

At around 4’o clock in evening results were out! I had quickly entered my registration number to check my results. But the entire excitement of birthday, finals were in vain when I had seen one word, i.e., FAIL.

For half an hour, I was shocked, but ultimately lost my senses and burst into tears. I was constantly convincing myself that I will again stand up and fight. But as it was my first failure, it was hard to be accepted.

After 2 hours, I had deleted all my social accounts and in fact my blogging app too. I was angry and want to do something. At that moment, I had realized that something is wrong with my study pattern. I need to change it. But I was still not ready to accept my result.

Getting just 21 marks in Auditing was hard to accept as I was pretty confident for this subject. But in reality, I had failed in my group due to this subject. So I had applied for re-verification of certified copies of my auditing paper.

After 15 days, I got my answer sheet. I got no increase in marks but got lesson to improve my performance. I had realized that just because I had not given proper reasoning in questions, I was given less marks. In True or False questions also, I hardly got 2 marks! When I had compared my answers with suggested answers provided by ICAI, I got some ideas.

Now I will tell you how I had planned my studies. So read carefully!

Weekly Planning of studies

It is my usual practice to plan my studies on weekly basis. That means that every week, you have to decide that how many subjects you will study and how much part of each subject you will have to complete. In case you fail to complete this task, then take this to next week.

Take a look at my weekly planning!

My weekly planner

Writing practice

Along with regular learning or cramming of topics, you should also do some writing practice of certain topics and questions. But the question arise that to what extent we should do writing practice?

Writing practice make your answers perfect!

Then you can try to write few questions of every chapter during revisions. For example, take your practice manual or any book you follow where solved or unsolved questions are given. While making weekly planning, make a decision that you will write all the even numbered questions in this chapter. When you’ll do next revision, do odd series of questions. This tip will apply to both theory and practical subjects.

Write more and more and that too without seeing the answers. After this compare your answers with that given in book. This will improve your speed and presentation.

Rewind everything again!

After failure, not learning everything again just because you had done that well in last attempt is the worst mistake. I know this is really hard to read same thing again and again. But you have to push yourself for the sake of your success. You will have to learn everything again so that you can revise everything properly.

So that you do not get bore, you can change your study style or timings. So how will you cope up with it, that is completely up to you!

Revise number of times!

If you want to succeed this time, then you will have to forget what you did in past! Forget how you studied and how much time you had put in your exams. Start again and do multiple revisions!

In your mind you have to make a time chart for preparation. You have to at least leave 1-1.5 months for a group revision. Your first revision will take more time as compared to revisions in later stages. So don’t worry about how much time you are taking because you have to take it.

Solve past year question papers

In your last 10 days, I would advise you to just solve question papers of past years. Follow this process 2 times per day. Try to solve just like you are sitting in exam hall. Try to not get distracted and solve it in 3 hours. Then take out answers of question papers and honestly give yourself marks. This will increase speed and your preparation level. Don’t get demotivated because you got less marks. Just revise that topic again. Your weak points will be filled out!

Last: Be fearless!

Person who had faced failures again and again becomes hard to fall. He becomes fearless to get failed again. You have to be like this only. Once you learn to fight, you will be carless about exam fear and fear of failing. Remember CA is not a destination, it is just the part of your path. You can easily move ahead and decide how you want to live. You can be determined or can change everything!

So take a deep breath and start preparing!

You can do it!