Need for change.. 

You will find many people in your life who are giving speeches from big podiums. But that doesn’t mean anything because many of the audience will find it as entertainment or time pass. Nothing else! There are many movies and plays which are motivational and have good message. People also appreciate it. But that message have no meaning until we all adopt it.
I have seen this thing and feels that it is trash because i want to see the changes on the ground level. Government makes several plans, come up with many budgets. But i have not seen any changes. Its true that if leader is good and he is doing well,then as a faithful follower, we should wait.

Now my question is:- As a citizen of country, is waiting is all we should do? No! We have many jobs to do. We are the one who will bring the changes. Government is meant to administer the country. Filmstars, artists, speakers, sports person, writers are meant to spread awareness and criticize the problems. They can be our role models. But the real tasks lies with us. We are the one who can bring the change.

If we have power to vote our favourite candidates in politics, bring the desirable government. If we have power to bring one ordinary artists to extraordinary position in the limelights. Then aren’t we have power to change the destiny of world to right path? Why can’t we stand against the terrorism and evil practices in society?

As a citizen we can do anything because we have right and enough power to stand. The power of change lies with the youngsters and children also. They are our present and future of world. And for the tomorrow’s leaders, it is required that the right seed is sown in their fertile mind. I feel that they will change the world’s future. And just hope that they lead to right direction.

Also at last i want to say that:-

For the sake of entertainment, if you does something unethical, whether against your society or country. And whether you know that or not, but goes on doing this. Then my friend, i want to say that one day you will look back and repend upon your act because world had lost its peace and you had lost your world. Entertainment is no bigger than your future. And it is the smallest element in front of country’s pride. So think optimistically!

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