How to learn Auditing for CA Exams?

Auditing is one of the scariest subject for many CA students. Whether a student is from Intermediate level or Final level, he or she is always afraid to deal with the particular problem: How to prepare for our Audit exam?

What I think about this subject is that it is easy to understand. As this is more practical than theory. Although it becomes very difficult to write answers in exams. Even if we can write answers, there is always a mystery to understand how to write so as to get good marks.

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So in this article I will tell you the ways to prepare auditing for upcoming exams. Read till end to know about it!

Read your chapters like story!

It seems rather childish to think but will help you a lot for learning this subject.

Don’t just cram points, understand it’s basic foundation.

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For example, when you read Standards of Auditing(SAs), you have or will understand how each standard is arranged in order of audit tenure. From engagement to preparing Audit report, Standards are arranged accordingly.

Now read what you should do..

Read all the standards serial wise. Then draft a story in your mind and think like what is given in the standards. Think like you are an Auditor and you need to perform an audit. From start to end, read all the steps like you need to do the same in the audit.

You will realize that as you follow this step, you will understand most of the part of audit very easy. So must try this!

Don’t miss the Question Answers of your book!

Other than reading your chapters, you should also read the question answers of each chapter. As we all know, CA exams comes from our Study Material only. Only few questions are twisted to make it difficult. So when you read the solved questions, you will understand how answers should be written. Also while doing practice of questions, you will never feel short of words. You can even create better answers when you do more and more reading.

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Writing practice!

After reading the entire theory part, you need to write down and practice what you learned. Just mark some questions of each chapter and write it without seeing the answers. Then compare your answers with that of given in book. It will help you a lot in improving your preparations.

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This was all about how to prepare for your Audit exam. Hope this will help you.

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