Why using Bullet points in answers can kill your marks?

In our CA course, it is very difficult to get guidance for every subjects. Other than coaching, we also need exam guidance and tips for cracking this tough course. But sadly, it is not so easy for us to get so.

The worse part happens when we get adverse advices for your exams. One of the common advice you must have got is how to write in exams.

I had also heard a lot from many people about it when I was in Inter level. I was also quite cautious about it so followed everyone. Although I had realized about this mistake later on. That’s why I am writing this article to not to advice anyone, but to tell you what you should not do while preparing for exams.

Today I want to tell you why you should not use Bullet points or numbering in every answer. You must have heard about it from many people around you to write answers in points. So let’s unveil this theory!

I really want to know your views about it. So comment me below!!

Don’t ever do this stupidity!

Before reading further, I want you to first take a look at our Institute books and suggested answers. You will find that answers are written in paragraphs. Only few questions are answered in points because they cannot be written in paras.

But instead of following it, most of the students write answers in points because we are told to write like this. Even I was writing like this before I got failed in May 2017 Intermediate exams. After this I had realized what kind of blunder mistake I had done. Luckily I had cleared my inter exams in next attempt by correcting this mistake.

So I will really suggest you to use SHORT PARAGRAPHS instead of Points in your answers and use points wherever really required.

In which type of questions you should not use bullet points?

You should first of all read what your question want you to answer. Whether it wants you to explain certain concept or wants you to tell the types of methods of certain concept. Read from institute books and understand how you can answer that particular concept.

When your question wants you to explain or define certain topic, then in that case don’t use numbering. Although this depends upon topic or concept. So decide wisely!

How many lines should be written in a Paragraph?

A paragraph should be easy to read and understand by examiners. So try to make short paragraph containing 3-4 lines only. One more thing you should keep in mind is to try to summarize your concept. Don’t expand a lot in answer. You should not think that writing more can give you marks.

It is really important to give quality over quantity. An answer written in 1-2 pages can be beaten by an answer written in 1-2 paragraphs. Only thing required is to maintain presentation and concepts.

Also you should not repeat the same thing again and again. In exams you will not get extra time. So lay emphasize on summarizing and explaining the answer at the same time. This is the only thing required by examiner.

So this was all I want to tell you about this topic. Don’t forget to share it with everyone if you like it. For more query, comment below and I will try to solve it.