How to stop IT-SM/EIS-SM to haunt you?

In Intermediate level of CA, I think the most horrifying subject for most of the students is Information Technology and Strategic Management (IT-SM). In new course, it is called Enterprise Information System and Strategic Management (EIS-SM).

Anyways, changing the name cannot change the level of horror of this subject..

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When I was in Intermediate level, I used to just wish that I clear my exams so that I did not require to learn this subject again.

For Strategic Management, I still had good experience. I had done self-study of this subject, made my own notes and charts. This had now resulted in my e-book notes of Strategic Management for both new and old syllabus.

This e-book is non other than my digitally converted notes which I had prepared during my preparations of exams. These e-books are available in my site. Links with images are given below, so must go and buy if you like it!

Why IT/EIS is more difficult?

Let’s come straight to the point!

Information Technology/Enterprise Information System (IT/EIS) is tougher than Strategic Management (SM).

Reason being this subject is less of conceptual clarity and more of cramming or learning. Like accounts or Auditing where student can relate themselves, IT/EIS is far away from reality! This is my belief. Correct me if I am wrong by leaving the comment below.

If you are interested in IT, then you can understand the topics more easily. You can learn this subject by understanding the concepts.

If you don’t have interest in this subject, I will tell you later how you can develop enough interest for your preparations. So stay connected!

Strategic Management: A Hurdle?

Strategic Management is all about business, strategies, planning, etc. It can be difficult as there are so many terms to understand. Also because it is a theory subject, sometimes writing the questions can be difficult. What to write, how to write and how much to write makes this subject difficult.

How to overcome fear of IT/EIS?

As mentioned above, developing interest in this subject is very important for getting good marks. As this subject is theoretical, so here also the problem of writing takes place.

When you have interest in IT, then you can make good answers yourself without cramming anything. Now the question arise as to how to develop interest? Then the answer for this is to know the need of the subject in CA curriculum.

You know that with the advancement of Technology, our profession also requires it the most. The time when we can get our course guidance or any other help online, it is very important to know this technology. So you need to grow yourself for the online world. By knowing this thing, you should understand this subject, with the mindset that it will help in future.

Work like this everyday and you will realize that you are becoming conceptually strong. After you understood everything, you can learn any topic very easily. Thereby help you in improving your writing skills.

Any strategy for Strategic Management(SM)?

Just like IT/EIS, you need to develop interest in SM for improving writing skills and getting good marks. Plus one more thing required for cracking this subject is good understanding of topics.

Unlike IT/EIS, SM is more relatable to your career. So you should practice hard in making good answers which are straightforward and sufficient. Avoid irrelevant points for your answer. Make your own answers, but don’t forget to put important words or key words in it.

Whether writing the answers in points sufficient?

Many people says that write your answers in points only. Elaborate your entire structure of answer as point based, even definitions also.

As per my opinion, writing in points can make your answer very concise, but can degrade the quality of answer at the same time. So I would recommend you to write the answers in short paragraphs and put points wherever required.

Read the below mentioned article to know more about the point based answers:

So this was all about this topic. Describe your experience or views in the comment below. Don’t forget to share this article with everyone!

All the best!