How to attempt Law Exam?

This article is written by our Guest writer Aayush Khanna who is a CA and CMA student. You should also check out his YouTube where he is giving free classes of CA. Here is the link of the same:

Today he will tell you all the useful tips for getting good marks in your exams. So read till end to know about it!

One of the biggest fear in CA EXAMS is passing in a theory subject like LAW.

Everyone knows all the provisions but fails to score 40 Marks or exemption as the case maybe. The difference between a student scoring 5 marks in a question of 5 marks and a student scoring 2 marks in the same question is a matter of PRESENTATION.

Some students directly writes a conclusion of a case study with reasons-that’s wrong.

I’m sharing few tips in regard to HOW TO ATTEMPT LAW PAPER in CA EXAMS:

  1. Don’t write direct conclusions or answers.
  2. Firstly, Explain the relevant PROVISIONS with relevant Section Number (If you are 100% sure with section numbers then only mention it otherwise the examiner might wrong the whole question even if the rest of the solution is 100% correct.)
  3. Explain the facts and issues of the case given in short. Try to be brief in subjects like TAX & LAW.
  4. At last, write the conclusion supported by reasons or you can give a reference AS PER THE ABOVE PROVISIONS (if you are falling short of time).

Now we should also understand some common problems associated with law exam.

How to divide your answer in paragraphs?

For getting good marks in exam, you need to organize your answers properly so that it can be easily understandable for examiner.

Your answers should consist of 3 to 4 paragraphs which are:

  1. Provision with Section: Describe the relevant provision and section number and describe it in 3-4 lines.
  2. Facts and issues: Describe the facts of question in this paragraph in summery style. Write in points and avoid writing long sentences.
  3. Conclusion with reasons : In the end, complete your answer by writing conclusion. But here also avoid to write long paragraphs. Write in 4-5 lines only.

How to overcome the fear of Law?

Do a writing practice of all the sections and provisions by giving test that will be 100% help you to memorize the concept.

Where should we study Law?

New syllabus students (Intermediate) are required to stick to STUDY MATERIAL as it has been designed much better and DON’T SKIP ANY QUESTION FROM STUDY MATERIAL as in the last 2 attempts maximum questions are from those questions only and the remaining are testing your concepts. 
Old syllabus students (FINAL & IPCC) are required to do SM and PM. Though ICAI have discontinued PM but if you have PM then do refer it or else borrow from your friends.

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