How to plan your time in exam?

This article is written by Mr. Subham Bansal who is presently doing CA and . Today he will tell you about how to plan your 3 Hours in exam and score high marks. This article is must read for all the students as many students fails to do so.

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The challenge every student face is in the execution. The reason for many students failing or getting low marks is not because of their knowledge but it’s fairly because of their execution.

Plan your time in exam.

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It is important to manage your time in exams otherwise you can miss to attempt the questions and marks as well. So read further and know how to deal with the entire situation.

Your First 15 Minutes…

The 15 minutes time that you shall have for reading the questions. So try to break up in the following:

  1. Two full questions (containing all the parts) that you know the best try to attempt them first. For this, there are certain conditions you need to know:
    • You know its content properly.
    • Presentation is in order.
    • Timely completion around 1hr-1hr 20min (max).
  2. Now selecting those questions whose parts you know but not the entire set of questions.

For eg, If in Q. 3 there are four sub-questions out of which I could attempt 3 to the best then that would be selected in priority other than those question of which I know only 50% of the sub-questions.

How to write the Questions you don’t know well?

If you are not confident of certain question, then leave the space blank for that sub-question for which you don’t know the answer instead of answering recklessly in respect of the same.
You shall not get any marks for it and will end up having some disadvantages:

  1. You are simply wasting your time without value addition.
  2. It will dilute your credibility build so far in the eyes of the examiner.

After Following above two steps, you have reasonably covered between 50-60 marks of the paper fairly well.

What should be our overall goal for next 3 hours?

Take your first 15-20 marks question and try to MANAGE the questions to the best of what you can.

It’s to be managed to assume you are not so confident about its full answer.
However, after the first two steps where you have decently covered 50-60 marks, you may expect that now the examiner will not comes against you severely in evaluating these 15-20 marks attempt.

Remaining (30%) question it cannot be predicted.

It’s situation based. It’s your wisdom that you have to apply. But you can be sure that you have now greater chance to excel in the paper and hence that positivity may give you ideas, thoughts which are required to tackle the uncertain situation.

Any additional advice we should follow?

  1. POOR HANDWRITING is a big turnoff for any examiner. Try to be legible as much as possible by tables, underlining keywords etc.
  2. Space out your answers so that it’s readability is good. You have to make him read your answers. To ensure that he reads all key aspect of your answer.
  3. Those students who are struggling with the SPEED FACTOR should ensure that they write the answer to the point.
  4. A 4 marks question should never exceed the 3/4th length of your page. So fill up the content only with relevant details to maximize your overall attempt.
  5. Just stay CALM as it will always help you in any tight situation. Chances of you pulling out this tricky situation becomes higher.

What you have experienced in the last 3 months you shall now experience in those 3 hours of your exams. You would have realised that no two consecutive days have gone the way you have planned.

But your ability to adapt to the situation quickly is what ultimately has mattered. Hence don’t go in the exams being biased. Remember in a war or a war-like situation, things never go according to plan. Your ability to fight until the last moment is what will make you the winner at the end of its journey.

Be a fighter. Fight the odds… You shall never be the same person if you manage to hold your nerves until the end.

You are about to evolve…Embrace life in all its forms.



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