How many subjects should we study in a day? (Revision days tip)

As CA exams are coming near, many students are stuck in the dilemma of revision. How to do revision, how many subjects we should do in a day, how many hours we should do, etc, etc…

The idea of writing this article came when I got many queries of students about how many subjects they should do in a day.

So here is the solution for all!

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We all have 24 hours and one brain per person.

Well, this is an obvious fact! Why am I telling this to you!?

I know this is obvious, and this is what we should realize.

We have one brain and not three for doing all the eight subjects of CA Inter or Final in a day!

Also, we have just 24 hours in a day.

I am saying JUST 24 hours, because other than studying, we have several other activities to do. So we can’t study for 24 hours!

Even if anyone is a bookworm who can gulp down every book of CA, still we can’t because of your digestive abilities!

We all have a level of memorizing things. Just like your digestive abilities, your level of learning and retaining is always limited.

Come to the point: How to retain all the learning?

Okay, let’s not swirl things up!

If you want to retain chapters and feel like you had studied more, you need to study fewer subjects and concentrate more to retain more!

In other words, you should not do ALL THE SUBJECTS in a day.

Allocate more time for each subject and then you’ll be able to revise one or two subjects per day.

How many subjects should we do in a day?

Based on my analysis and practical experience, a student should not do more than two subjects in a day.

Ideally, you should do only two subjects in a day. In this case, time can be effectively divided between two subjects.

One subject can be done in the morning and another in the evening. If you want to revise everything that you had done in a day, then revise quickly in the night.

How to plan your subjects in a day?

Very simple!

Make your timetable. It can be daily, weekly or monthly. It depends upon your learning style. But I prefer to make a weekly time table.

Other than making a timetable, follow it religiously and at the end of every session, analyze your performance on the basis of how many chapters you had successfully done in that session.

If by any chance, you have missed any day’s schedule, then don’t forget to add that part in your next session.

Now coming to the part of how to select the subjects. It can be your personal opinion.

You can divide your time on the basis of theory and practical subjects. Do any theory subject in the morning and practical in the evening and vice verse.

So that was my advice for all the students.

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