When women becomes warrior! 

What will be your common reaction when a women becomes fearless in front of any danger?

How will you react when you will hear that one women had fought with men who was trying to molest her and finally that women won in her survival war?

You will definitely feel proud! You will get inspired by her.

That’s the thing we all woman have to understand. Crimes does not categorize anything. It can happen with anyone and at anytime. I don’t want to afraid you, but my motive is to aware everyone of the ill thinking of all of us.

Any crime against women doesn’t happen when she is wearing short dresses, or when she is carrying good makeup or something else. Don’t forget that this society can categorize anything , but the crimes and criminals are not!

Now question is:- who will take step against it? Government, law, cops?

No! They can just take action after something happens. Or they can take preventions.

Neither this society can together do something. Because they are busy in categorizing.

The real thing is to be done by all of us. Atleast for our own safety. We have to be strong, both physically and mentally.

We have to be prepared because all the crimes that happen are pre-planned. So you have to be awared of it as well.

We all should learn basic and little bit advanced self defense techniques. Or we should learn some aggressive sports like boxing, martial arts, judo, etc. These are really good sports for everyone and just ideal for woman.

You can check out some videos from youtube or other sites for learning basic techniques. But if possible, take professional help in it.

These practices are just like normal exercises, which will make our body and mind healthy, plus make us strong for any uncertain conditions.

I would also advise all to carry some safety equipments like pepper spray, small knife, etc, for some protection and escaping out of uncertain events.

And all the woman and girls who are reading this, be positive!! And all the best👍

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