Don’t break the ice,melt it away from your communication skills!

What you say is only half the battle in effective communication, the other half is how it is communicated. Communication skills play a major role on how the receiver will perceive a message that was actually sent by the transmitter. The same phrases and talks that may sound inoffensive and even funny from one person may sound harsh and brutal coming from another. Being a sensitive person, i have repeatedly noticed this phenomenon. Similarly, the tone you use face to face and e -mails can communicate a message you do not intend, they may be interpreted the other way. One should ideally communicate in order to convey their message accurately else the communication will lose its effectiveness.

You can encounter several types of personalities at one place. Personality clashes can come out in communication between co workers and employers who aren’t communicating well with each other. We should pick up body language and varying emotions, as 93% of the communication effectiveness is determined by non verbal signals. After all, it is quiet easy to misconceive a text, speech or e mail. To better your human interaction, one can practice these below mentioned skills.

When going for professional dealings, one should be ready before hand and prepare yourself for the meeting, clear yourself with the facts and figures, so that you won’t waste the time silently reading it together with the client. You should be selective and respond in a clear and concise manner. Lack of clarity can result in poor decisions and confusion. When one is clear with his thoughts he can explain them in a good manner, otherwise confusion can lead to dissatisfaction of the client and ultimately he may not be convinced for the deal. With good responding skills, one should possess superb listening skills, understand what speaker is trying to convey without applying the irrelevant assumptions, try to understand the exact requirements. Take time to genuinely know people. To minimize poor communication be more observant of facial expressions, body language and tone of voice. The tone of voice can set the whole mood of the conversation, if you start the conversation with aggression, the recipient will respond in a similar way and conversation will go into vain. In order to avoid this, pay attention to the tone. Within an environment every person may have their own imaginations and ideas, even if you have disagreements with your colleagues, their point of view should be respected, one should step in their shoes and tackle the situation from their perspective too. Being rigid while making a conversation makes it least interesting for the listener and if he loses interest, the two way transmission won’t occur which is necessary in the business world.

In today’s world communication skills are the important part; you can either, avoid a crucial conversation and suffer the consequences, handle the conversation badly and suffer the consequences or learn the communication skills and discover how to communicate best.

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