Latest Update: PAN Card not linked with Aadhar Card will be deactivated after 31st August!

In the recent Union Budget, the government had announced that from this year onwards in India people can file their Income Tax return with Aadhar. This step can be considered as a new way for using Aadhar in place of PAN Number in future. But the latest update regarding this amendment is seriously shocking!

Today there is the latest report noting that all PAN cards that have not been linked to Aadhar will be deactivated after August 31.

The latest report states that “to validate and continue using the existing PAN Cards, citizens will have to link them to Aadhar”. Or else these PAN cards will be deactivated and people will have to use Aadhar number for filing return.

At present there are around 400 Million PAN Cards in India and around 220 Million of these are linked with Aadhar.

What to do if you don’t have PAN Number?

You don’t have to worry about it now. As from this year onwards, you can file your Income Tax Return by using Aadhar Number only.

For people who want to file their return with Aadhar will be provided a new virtual PAN number. This number will be linked to the quoted Aadhar number.

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