How to become Productive with the help of your smartphone?

In this technological world, smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. When we are at work, we can’t leave our phone because we need it for our official purpose. When we are at home and feeling bored, we need our phone for our leisure. When we are studying, we need our smartphone for the latest updates for tests and other knowledgable stuff.

That means we cannot make ourself away from this little device. Many call it our manager. But many don’t realize that how to handle your so called Manager!

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So this article can be a blessing for all those people who want to utilize this device for their profession. Whether you are a student, or professional, you can turn your daily life into highly beneficial routine. And that too with your device!

Today we will check few applications that can be very helpful for you. If you use these apps properly, then it will be considered as boon for you.


Almost every device have this application pre-installed. You can make short reminders and write important points which you want to consider later.

How I use this application: I make short reminders on my phone about any content I want to write and ideas about the new project i want to start.


So you must use your notepad and schedule your work!

Grammarly: For improving your Writing skills

Grammarly is a highly recommended application for improving writing skills by correcting the sentences. It is a typing application which you can use while writing important emails, blogs, etc.


All you have to do is to write with your flow and your Grammarly will do the rest.

Unacademy Learning App

This is especially recommended for all the students out there. If you want to learn anywhere and anytime on the go, then you must install this application.

From class 1st to 12th, including preparations for competitive exams, this app can help you a lot. Plus this app is free to access!

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So must download today and take benefits from it!

News Section of ‘Chrome’

For the latest news updates, I am not recommending any News Applications. Because i don’t use any of these apps. Instead, I use Chrome for getting latest updates. Generally, every phone has news updates section pre-installed where you can read latest news blogs. Google analyse your interests and thus gives you similar news topics.

Google News

In my free time, I used to check out the latest news posts and make myself updated with the world. So you should definitely take benefits from this tip.

Go Cashless with these very simple payment apps!

Our country India is turning into Cashless Economy where we just need our Smartphones for payments!

Payment Apps

I generally use apps like PayTm, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, etc for payments. This can be used for payment in shops and online as well. In return, you also get benefits like coupons or discounts in return for payments. You can use any type of payment application as per your convenience.

CamScanner – Scanner to Scan PDF

This is probably one of the best application for scanning the written page and converting it in PDF Format. Use it for professional or educational purpose.

CamScanner App


Calendar Application is not just meant for checking days and Holidays! It is actually one of the best application for scheduling our days. This application is available on every smartphone. So you don’t need anything else!

Calendar App

So these are some of the Applications I would recommend to you. So just use these apps and make yourself productive! If you have any suggestions then write to us in the comment section and we will definitely answer your query.

*This post is totally based on my personal opinion and not intended for promotional purposes. All the Applications are suggested only after my personal use and hence are recommended to people.