Don’t get discouraged and give your best shot!!

As CA results are declared,some of us may have passed with flying colors whereas some might have lagged.So,congrats to those who cleared this time and lots of good wishes to the ones who will definitely clear it in further attempt.
Wait,but at this time you might be doubting at your capabilities.Its not the time to doubt but to restore your energy.Some days we might run full speed ahead and tackle life with no problem but the other days seems like hell.Life contains ups and downs for a reason,we should appreciate and enjoy the good times and learn from the hard ones.
Negative thinking is but obvious after negative results but it drains all our positive thoughts.At that time we should practice optimism.Talk with your seniors,good teachers,mentors or good friends,if possible who can advice you and on whom you can trust.Remember,you can be your good companion and advisor too but never go to the antagonist(usually each group has one),they may even make your situation worse.
By then you will somewhat recover and then comes the most heartbreaking news-seeing the colleague clearing who might not have put that much efforts as you.Whenever,such comparisions hit your mind just keep in mind the interesting philosophy of cars.Everyone is riding his own car.Some may own a Lamborghini and other might have a Hyundai.Both can’t be compared.They both have their own capabilities.If a Lamborghini runs at a speed of 120 mph,we cant say its performing well as compared to Hyundai which has a top speed of 115 mph.We should perform best according to our capabilities. Comparisions like these will drain your happiness and bring discontentment to your lives leaving you depressed.
And then comes the realisation phase,we start to look at our day about how we spend it in so called 10 hrs or 12 hrs sittings.But if you will analyse it properly you will notice quite a bit of time wasted on non value added activities like televisions shows,Youtube,Snapchat,Instagram,Netflix etc.We should decrease the non value added activities to the extent as much as possible.During the exam phase its better to shutdown all distracting applications installed on your cell phone and try to give your best shot in the first attempt.Because if you will not give your 100% in first attempt,ICAI will make you do it 50 50 in two.Just give your best and let the results be,they are not in your control.If you have given your 100%,there is nothing better you can do and after all there will be no regrets.Most of us don’t give our best and on results day ,the only guilt is -i did not study well.We ourselves very well know how much efforts we had put.We might feel we have prepared best for exams but in reality it is not so.To avoid such things,we should regularly assess ourselves and keep a reality check by giving tests.
Sometimes we expect a lot more.I am a big believer of positive thinking .But even so,I’ll admit that i feel discouraged on almost a daily basis.The discouragement generally occurs when our expectations don’t align with reality.In many cases,our expectations are unrealistic.If we take a broader view and observe our expectations a little,it can really help to decrease discouragement.The reality is that most things that are worthwhile take a lot more effort and time to come to function.So,be patient and work hard.Because when you will deserve it,you will definitely achieve it!
And for those who have gone through multiple attempts,this too shall pass,nothing is forever.So even though it may feel the period of discouragement will continue for the rest of eternity,I assure you it won’t.If we didn’t experience the lows,we wouldn’t appreciate the highs.
So today,be true to yourself and ask whether you have achieved on what you have worked on and given your 100%.I bet,the answer will be YES!!

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