“Obviously it was not easy for me after every failure…” Story of clearing CA Inter after 3 attempts by a CA Student.

Read the story of Mr. Pardeep Kumar who had recently cleared his CA Intermediate level. So we approached him to know his Success Story. He had faced many ups and downs in this path. But he was not affected by these things and cleared his exam.

So let’s take a look at how he managed to clear his exams:

When have you started your CA journey?

I had joined Chartered Accountancy in 2016 through Direct Entry.

Did you ever fail at any level?


How many attempts you had on this level?

Three Attempts in IPCC Group 2

Is there any situation or event you want to share after you failed to clear the exams?

Firstly I would like to say thanks to this website for giving the opportunity to present myself . Obviously it was not easy for me because after every time of failure we get discouraged and reading same books again is the worst moment along with many changes and amendments in Auditing, Taxation like subjects.

How many marks did you got in this level?

I’m given my last attempt in May 2019 and cleared my IPCC group 2 with 159 marks along with exemption in Advance Accounting. It is all because of hard work plus smart work. I had my birthday the next day of result but this result was so happening that i just forgot my birthday and enjoyed this special moment. I’m specially thankful to my principals CA vipin Gupta and CA sumit aggarwal who had given me direction and knowledge to boost myself. Thanks again to this website for giving me this platform to express my journey of becoming CA finalist.

How many hours in a day had you studied for the exams?

I used to take complete sleep in the night and wake up early morning. Then i start my study from morning till noon. After this, I take rest for about half an hour and then continue my study.

Are you also undergoing your Articleship?

No, i had completed my articleship in February. So i had ample time for preparing for exams.

The readers are curious about your study style which lead to your success. Can you share some of the tips with us?

No one can inspire you until you have need to achieve your goal. If you know that this is the last way and you do not have any other option than you will put your all hardwork to achieve this.

So this is the Success Story of Pardeep Kumar. If you have any doubt or question then comment down.

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