“Our Goal should be to become a CA, through it takes little more time”. Read how Positive Attitude of a CA student can create wonders!

Today we are going to interview another CA Aspirant who had successfully cleared his CA Intermediate exam in this CA attempt after fighting hard with failures. So let’s welcome Mr. Pranab Goel who is currently preparing for his CA Final exams.

So let’s hear his story and I am sure that you will enjoy reading his story and take motivation from him!

When have you started your CA journey?

In June,2015

Did you ever fail at any level?


How you dealt with the circumstances after you failed?

Along with my CA intermediate study, I had persued the b.com correspondence course & it is said that for a CA student it is not a big issue to appear & also to clear the b.com exam, but it also on the other way affects the exam preparation for CA intermediate exams as well. Unfortunately this happened with me also.

But then also, I have left no stone unturned to get into CA final and I am a now a CA finalist!

Failures are a part of life, but we should not back out from it, instead, we should face it & achieve everything that we deserve.

Are you also pursuing or had cleared any other course?

Yes,I have cleared my b.com with correspondence along with my CA intermediate exams

How many attempts you had on this level?

5 Attempts in CA Intermediate level

Is there any motivational lines you usually keep in mind while preparing for any task?

Though clearing CA exams in the first attempt is everyone’s dream but sometimes due to some circumstances, we fail to achieve this dream. But life doesn’t get over. It is just ups and downs we face. If we don’t get success in the first attempt, it’s not right to think that we are not here to become a CA.

Our goal should be to become a CA, though it takes little more time, with determination, it will surely become possible one day.

How did you prepare for the currently cleared exams?

I have gone through practice manual and study material along with my tutor notes. Also, I went for 2-3 times revision before appearing for my CA inter exams.At last, my hard work pays to me and I am a CA finalist now.

How many hours in a day had you studied for the exams?

According to me, giving 8-10 hours at least for every student is a must thing.

Are you also undergoing your Articleship?

Yes. I am in my 3rd year of Articleship.

In case of Articleship, how you managed to study for exams? Is their any special incident you want to share regarding articleship?

It becomes difficult to give time for my studies along with articleship, but then also I had managed to give time for my studies & not let the articleship affect my studies.

What are your opinions about the CA curriculum and result trends?

If we see the past trend, we come to know that the percentage for clearing exams of CA has been increased & has opened new opportunities for CA students also. I think it is great for all of us.

The readers are curious about your study style which lead to your success. Can you share some of the tips with us?

Do 2-3 times revision before appearing for CA exams.Also, study with determination & not with the burden.

Are there any other tips regarding CA you want to share with us?

CA should be a passion to be achieved at any cost and not a burden.

So this was the success story of Pranab Goyal. I just hope that you like it!

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