Why you should do Industrial Training during your CA Course?

Industrial Training is considered as very underrated part in the CA course. Reason being it can be done in the third year of CA training and during this period we are usually busy for the exam preparations. So this is considered optional for us and we do skip it. But those who do this can relate it better than me about how much useful it is for any CA student.

Industrial Training can be undergone by the students who have cleared their CA Intermediate exams and is in their third year of Articleship training. Its tenure is from 9 months to 12 months. So when both of these conditions are fulfilled, then you are eligible for Industrial Training.

But unfortunately, these conditions are the only reason for students not joining Industrial Training. Due to its occurrence in the period when students are more focused on their studies, therefore this training is skipped. But that doesn’t mean this training is not beneficial.

Industrial Training helps us learn about the functioning of a particular industry. This is helpful for those students who want to do service after becoming CA. Although working in a CA firm can also teach us the work environment. But the specific knowledge of any company can be understood only when you work in that place.

So let’s discuss various factors which can make you think about doing this training:

Makes you Job-ready

A person who does industrial training becomes a specialist in a particular area. Let’s say you have an interest in Portfolio Management. Then after the second year of articleship you started your Industrial Training in a Company where you experienced the practicalities of Portfolio Management. This learning can be beneficial for you as you can get a good job in any good financial management organisations.

Different Work Environment

Experience of Industrial Training can be much different from your normal articleship experience. This is because of the work environment. From the past two years, you were with the same people and doing the same job every time. In this last year, you can get the chance to learn different things. Meeting new people can boost your self-confidence and skills.

Good Personality Development

Personality Development is not something you can learn in your 15 days GMCS. It requires continuous work and Industrial Development can provide you with its leverage. When you work in a professional environment, you develop your soft skills.

These are some of the main reasons for joining Industrial Training. Many students complain that in industrial training, getting adequate leave before exams are very difficult. But this is not true. You can get 2-3 months of study leave before exams. But you have to clear it with your boss beforehand. Along with it, your work time will be fixed. So you can study regularly before and after your office timings.

How to apply for Industrial Training?

Before applying for Industrial Training, you have to take permission from your Principal before 2-3 months so that you can comfortably apply for it. You can try LinkedIn or any other job searching sites for searching companies and thereby applying on it and submitting your resume on it.

You can ask your friends or family members who are working in any reputed corporations about its vacancies. After all taking references are not so bad!

After selection, you have to fill your Form 104 to register yourself for Industrial Training. Then after completion of Industrial Training, your principal will issue Form 105 as a service certificate.

Additional advice for you!

Many students worry about how to study while doing industrial training. Well, it’s all about planning. If you know that you want to do industrial training in your third year, then you should complete your all syllabus beforehand. Then while doing your industrial training, you can do your all revisions. You should not worry about the timings as it will be fixed and you can plan your timings accordingly.

I know it will be tough for you at first. But as you plan and work for it, it will be a great experience for you. So you must think about it.

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