Follow your words and thoughts!

We all have our own opinion for any situation or thing, which is developed by those experiences, faced by us for a long period. And believe me, whosoever we are following, we will believe our instances more than anything else. Sometimes it becomes a matter of pride for many, when someone tries to persuade them for contemplation of their thoughts. Many of times, we want others to follow our thoughts as we think it is right.

Well this is bit complex to understand. Even sometimes i get confused too. But in this case, i give myself some time to think about what is right and wrong. Sometimes it is possible that we are reacting over anything which is wrong in real but we think it as right. Sometimes it becomes over reaction of that false thought.

Just think over it! Don’t be quick in deciding about anyone’s thought. Everyone have their own words to express. Maybe they want to convey something good, but misleaded by us in another way.

For this we have to be a good listener. Also patience is needed for understanding anyone’s thoughts. And in reality, listening patiently is bit difficult than speaking frequently.

Improving our listening skills can help in making good understanding. So that we can mould our words and thoughts in good direction.

The thoughts are like clay. We can mould it easily in any manner.

By designing good thoughts, we can create strong words like a hard rock, which will establish our personality and reputation.