There is no world without self-respect! 

This life is very confusing. Sometimes it is hard to survive, sometimes it is like soothing breeze. And problem becomes worse when after so much hardwork and dedication, we don’t get what we need to get. I can fairly understand it because i also faced it. Then we used to blame others. But these are useless things. Instead of it, try to accept it and move on.

There is one category of people:-who don’t want to fail. So they try to use unethical ways to win over situation. For instance, offering brides to officials, coercion, undue influence, etc.

This is not only unethical, but also illegal. Not only this, there is an indirect harm to society as a whole. Also it can have lose of reputation of one who accused and also of his/her family. One can lose his job, business and social contact. And the list of its consequences is quite long..

Now the question is:- why to afford such tricks when it is carrying only losses!!

It is just like buying any share of any company from market which have high chances of loss because that company is at declining stage.

So my message to all that please protest against corruption and evil acts. In today’s life, we have to be optimistic. We have to be pre-planned. But if your plan is not working, then it doesn’t mean that you will forgo our self-respect in order to support our submerging boat of plans.

Plans and goals can be build once again, but self-respect once gone is gone forever!

Money can treat you for short term, or it can assure your future, taking the form of investment. But it cannot buy you your self-respect!

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