End this ‘time pass’ relation with time!! 

One of the biggest problem nowadays with many youths is over thinking. We love to do day dreaming and at the end do nothing. This is a common problem and you are required to end it as soon as possible. 

Yes it is important to do planning. But a plan without execution is nothing!! 

Also in this rapid world, you should make yourself capable to think quickly and take quick decisions. 

Because if you won’t take any action, someone else will grab your opportunity. Anything left after this will be repentance. So be quick and rapid towards your work. 

Always remember:- In ‘rabbit and tortoise race story‘, winner was tortoise because he was consistent. But in today’s world, if you want to win the race, you have to be as consistent as tortoise and sharp as rabbit.

So stop wasting your time in over- thinking and just act upon it!!

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