How you can start business with ‘no money’? 

One thing which can be big barrier for any aspirant is to start a business, i.e, requirement of funds. 

A person who want to start up have a big question in their mind:- how can i arrange money? 

I would say,  this is not a big problem but a big myth. Without any money also we can set up a business. Only thing require is patience. Also keep focusing on your goals

  • Lets say, you want to set up a party organizer business. So first thing you can do is borrow some money from your friends or family. Say you borrow 500 INR. 
  • Next thing is printing your  business’s contact cards. Try to make some savings. 
  • After this, tie up with any party organizer or outsourcing organization which can deal with your work. Agree with them to accomplish your work by using your business’s name. Also decide upon the proportion of profits between both. 
  • Next thing to do is publicize your business. You can use Google adsense to display your business ads on google. Another thing is using social networking sites to create traffic of people towards your services. 
  • Remember to focus on small population for publicizing instead of wider market. 
  • As clients will grow, business will progress and thereby the funds. It can be used in repaying your borrowings and other expenses. 

So in this case, you can set up your business with no money. We have many examples of those legands who had started their work with very less money or no money. So it is possible to step ahead without money. 

So keep growing and motivated!! 👍


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